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English Lesson

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<場面1: 病棟・外来で初めて外国人患者さん声がけや挨拶をするとき>


Nurse: May I come in?


Patient: Sure.


Nurse: Hello.


     My name is Yukari Kaihara.


             I am a nurse in this department.


             Are you Ms. Anderson.


          Thank you for waiting.


      I will bring someone who can speak English.


    Please wait here.




<場面1: 相手の名前の発音が分からないとき>

Nurse: How do I pronounce your name?


Patient: Ms. Anderson.




<場面2: 病院内で突然、外国人患者さんに話しかけられたとき>

Patient: Excuse me.


    I believe today is my appointment date, but I’m not exactly sure. Where can I check my appointment     schedule?


Nurse: I’m sorry I don’t understand English well.


     I will take you to the Information Counter.


    Please follow me.


            She will help you.


Patient: Thank you.


Nurese: My pleasure. Take care. 


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