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English Lesson

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Nurse: Hello Are you Ms Anderson? Thank you for waiting.


        How can I help you today?


Patient:For the last  couple of months I have had a very bad headache on and off.



Nurse:When did it start


Patient: It started originally about 2 months ago.


Nurse: Where do you feel the pain? Please show me.


Patient: It’s usually starts around here, on the right side of my head, and moves to both sides.



Nurse: Is the headache better or worse now?


Patient: It is getting worse over time.



Nurse: How severe is your pain when you have the headache, between 1 and 10? 10 is the most severe.



Patient: It’s 8 or 9 when I have the headache.



Nurse: I see. Do you have nausea?


Patient: Sometimes.



Nurse: Have you noticed any change in your appetite?​  



Patient: Yes, I feel I’ve lost my appetite these days.


Nurse: Did you have this type of headache for the first time?



Patient: Yes, 2 months ago was the first time.



Nurse: How often do you get the headache?



Patient: About once or twice a month, but the headache usually lasts for about 6 hours each time.



Nurse: Do you have other symptoms?



Patient: I think that I am more sensitive to light and sound these days.



Nurse: Do other family members have the same symptom?



Patient: No, I don’t think so, but I know that my mother had migraine when she was young and used to     suffer from the same symptom.



Nurse: Thank you, Ms Anderson.


     Please check your number on the screen and wait until your number is called.


     After your number is called, please go to the middle room.


     Please let us know when you feel sick.



Patient: OK, thank you.




Nurse: Ms, Anderson. That’s all for today.


        If you have any problem, please come back.



Patient: OK, thank you.



Nurse: Please take these papers to the Cashier on the first floor.


Patient: OK, thank you.



Nurse: Could you describe the pain?


  • 拍動する痛み

Pounding pain (throbbing pain)

  • 鋭い痛み

Sharp pain

  • 鈍い痛み

Dull pain

  • チクチクする痛み

Pins and needles

  • ​しびれ


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