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English Lesson

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Patient: Hello. It’s my first time to visit here, and my appointment is 10am.



Nurse: Did you check-in?



Patient: No, I haven’t.



Nurse: Then, please check-in on the first floor.(それでは一階で受付をして下さい。)


   And get a ticket from machine with your ID card.


         After you check in, please come back here and let us know.


Patient: OK.(わかりました)


Patient: Now I’ve finished checking in. My number is 78.



Nurse: Great, then, please check your number on the screen, and wait until your number is called.



   After your number is called, please go to the middle room.



Patient: OK, thank you. I am actually feeling very nervous about an examination.



Nurse: Are you OK? Please relax.

​   (大丈夫ですか?リラックスしてくださいね)




Nurse: Ms. Anderson please go to Room No. 3.


Patient: OK, thank you.




Nurse: Ms. Anderson, you will have a blood test.



   Please take these papers to the blood test room.



   After the test, please come back here and let us know.



Patient: Sure, no problem.


          When will I know my result?



Nurse: You will get your result in two weeks.



         You will get your results at your next visit.


    You will be informed of your results at your next visit.




Nurse: Ms. Anderson, we need to make your next appointment.



   How about Friday, July 17th, at 9 am for your next appointment?  



Patient: Sure, that’s fine.


Nurse: Thank you. That’s all for today in this department.



Patient: Thank you.


<さいごに・・・“please let us know”はとても便利な表現です。>

例えば、”please let us know”を使って気分が悪くなったらお知らせくださいと言いたい場合

Nurse: Please let us know if you feel sick. もしくは Please let us know when you feel unwell.


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