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English Lesson

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Nurse: Hello, Ms, Anderson. How are you today? 


   This is your room.


   Now I am going to explain some of the things I would like you to know about this room and your hospital    stay.


Patient: Sure, thank you.


Nurse: Please put your belongings here.


   You can keep the curtain closed if you like.  


   You can use this one for the TV, and this one for the lights.


   You can use this remote (control) to adjust the height of the bed.


   You can also adjust the angles of the head and feet.



Patient: OK, I understand.


Nurse: We will change the bath towels and mattress everyday.



   Please bring your own towels.


Patient: Oh, does that mean I have to bring towels from home or buy new ones?


Nurse: Yes, that’s right. The hospital will not provide you with towels.


   Please ask your family to wash your towels and pajamas at home.



Patient: OK, I understand.


Nurse: We will change bed sheets on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Patient: Oh, that’s great.


Nurse: When you would like to watch TV, please buy a TV card.



Patient: Where can I buy one?


Nurse: You can get it from a vending machine on the first floor.



Nurse: Please do not leave your valuables in your room.


             When you leave the room, please bring your security card with you.



Patient: Sure, no problem.


Nurse: You can have visitors between 3pm and 8pm only.


Patient: Oh, I see. When I have many guests, is there any space for us to talk outside this room?


Nurse: Yes. If you have many visitors, please take them to the visitor’s area on the same floor.



Nurse: Lastly, please press this button if you feel sick or if you need anything.


             A nurse will respond through the speaker.


            Do you have any other question?


Patient: No, thank you, everything is clear. If any questions come up, I will let you know.

​    (いいえ。全部わかりました。また何かありましたら教えてください。)

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